Kyoto by night - Nishiki Market & Gion

Up to 5 Guests 2+ Hours Private guide Flexible itinerary

Explore Kyoto's kitchen and historic Gion as night falls

* Stroll along Nishiki Market, sampling Kyoto's unique food while meeting the local artisans * Explore the backstreets of Gion, the home of geisha, exclusive tea houses and beautifully preserved wooden machiya * Cross the famous Kamogawa River and learn about its special role in the city's development * Discover some of Kyoto's oldest buildings and their fascinating history * Walk through Kyoto's revered Yasaka Shrine as it comes to life in the evening

For first timers to Kyoto, this 2 hour private walking tour is a great introduction to the city.
We start by exploring Nishiki Market, also known as Kyoto’s kitchen, which has been supplying the city with fresh local produce for centuries. Always a hive of activity, here we’ll discover shops specialising in Kyoto delicacies such as traditional wagashi sweets, soy milk black bean ice cream, dried seafood and delicious local pickles alongside the city’s top chopstick and knife makers. There are ample opportunities to sample some of the city’s unique cuisine while meeting the friendly store owners.
From there we cross the Kamogawa River, passing by some of the city’s oldest buildings, before exploring the fascinating district of Gion. Prettiest at dusk as the lanterns come alive, we’ll learn about the intricate world of geiko, maiko (apprentice geisha) and tea houses while admiring some of Kyoto’s best preserved wooden machiya. Down every tiny alleyway, there’s a story to tell!
We finish with a visit to beautiful Yasaka Shrine, one of Kyoto’s most famous places of worship which has played an important spiritual role in the lives of the city’s citizens for over 1,200 years.
** Note – this tour can be extended into a 3 hour private ‘Food & Drink’ tour which includes visits to the area’s tiny standing bars and izakaya (Japanese style pubs) for a true Kyoto by Night local experience. If interested, please enquire! **


1 - 5 GUESTS
  • Expert bilingual private guide
  • Food and sake sampling
  • Local spots and hidden gems
  • Option to customise into 3 hour food & drink tour

  • The price does not include transportation fees if required for each guest and the guide

  • Please bring a little cash to enjoy sampling the local cuisine! We can also tailor this tour to suit vegan and vegetarian clients

  • As this is a private walking tour, we can adjust the pace and length to suit but please let us know of any mobility issues

  • Please note our cancellation policy under ‘FAQs’ and we require all guests to have comprehensive travel insurance


"We visited food halls we wouldn't have ordinarily seen and tried so many different Japanese delicacies. Chris's fluent Japanese meant that he could chat with the various stall owners and we could engage in fun banter with so many locals. Our kids absolute fave tour - we went back to the markets every day after that so they could eat more of the foods we tried. They never would have tried them if it wasn't for Chris making it entertaining and informative. Learning more about Gion was great too - we saw 2 real Maikos heading out of their boarding house for their evening appointments...I almost dropped my bag in shock!"
A Belcastro
Sydney, Australia

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