Kibune & Kurama - Kyoto's mountain retreat

Up to 5 Guests 6 Hours Private Guide Flexible itinerary

Escape the city to a world of mystic temples and ancient forest trails

* Journey north by train through lush mountain scenery to two of Kyoto's most picturesque villages * Discover Kibune's friendly artisans and fascinating shrines plus learn about its special connection with the city * Hike through cedar forests over an ancient mountain pass with stunning views of the surrounding countryside * Explore the rich history of Kuramadera temple and sample the rejuvenating spring water * Try Kawadoko 'over the river' dining in the summer months and enjoy the area's unique local cuisine * Option to enjoy a soak in a relaxing mountain hot spring at the conclusion of the tour - highly recommended!

A personal favourite, our Kibune to Kurama guided walk is a great way to escape the city and take in some of Kyoto’s most beautiful mountain scenery, secluded temples, quaint villages, amazing dining options and relaxing natural hot springs .
We start by taking the train north from the city, winding through picturesque forested areas full of cedar, pine and maple which are particularly pretty in the autumn. From there,  a short twenty minute walk up the valley brings us to our first stop of Kibune, a rustic hamlet nestled in the hills which legend states was founded by a goddess who travelled here by boat from Osaka over a 1,000 years ago. The village is known for its intricate shrine dedicated to the gods of rain and water and has a fascinating past plus some interesting secrets we will reveal. For food lovers, we can also add a Kawadoko ‘over the river’ dining experience in the summer months where you can enjoy an elaborate Kaiseki lunch set amongst nature – an unforgettable experience!
We then head into the forest, hiking along an ancient mountain trail dotted with small shrines before coming to stunning Kuramadera, the area’s most impressive temple complex. Here we will delve into the temple’s rich history and learn about its unique brand of Buddhism while soaking up the peaceful atmosphere. Depending on the time of day, we may hear the local monks chanting and combined with the cool air and smell of burning incense, it’s a magical place to be.
We next make our way down the mountain to the pretty village of Kurama to meet the local artisans and learn about their centuries-old crafts as well as the mythical creatures they believe still inhabit the area. This is also a great place to sample the local soba noodles, made with fresh spring water, plus visit Kurama onsen (Kyoto’s most authentic hot springs) for those with tired muscles – the perfect finish before heading back to the city!


1 - 5 GUESTS
  • Accommodation meet and greet
  • Expert bilingual private guide
  • Local spots and hidden gems
  • Options to customise

  • The price does not include transportation or temple / garden entrance fees for each guest and the guide 

  • We will give an accurate estimate of these costs and any customised options at the time of confirmation 

  • Lunch is additional and we will happily recommend some options to suit tastes and dietary requirements

  • This tour involves some hiking in the mountains so please ensure you have an adequate level of fitness 

  • Please note our cancellation policy under ‘FAQs’ and we ask all guests to have comprehensive travel insurance

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