Discover Kyoto, Japan's ancient capital

Explore mystic temples, beautiful zen gardens, amazing cuisine and over 1,200 years of history

Kyoto - the heart of Japan

Our unique Kyoto walking tours delve into the fascinating history and culture which makes the city so enchanting. Step into the world of geisha, old tea houses and exquisite shrines, try zazen meditation or discover the city's incredible food scene. Marvel at the autumn leaves from a hidden forest temple, get lost amongst the cherry blossoms in a quiet park or sample the finest sake in a hundred year old backstreet bar - it's all here!

Tailored to you

We've designed an extensive range of exclusive guided walks to showcase the many charms of Kyoto and its surrounding areas. Whether you're a family, a couple, a group of friends or travelling solo, our private tours can all be customised to suit. Let us know your interests and our expert guides will help you discover the real Kyoto, just like a local, while gaining a deeper appreciation of the city, its rich heritage and its people.

From cobblestone streets to rustic mountain trails...

With magnificent mountain ranges on three sides, Kyoto is blessed with some stunning nature on its doorstep which has influenced the area's shrines, gardens, festivals and arts for over a millennium. From strolling the city's ancient streets to exploring remote temples nestled deep in the hills well off the tourist trail, our guided walking tours reveal a side to Kyoto very few get to experience.

Our Guided Tours

View our range of unique Kyoto walking and food tours below

Picture of Kyoto Guided Walks clients enjoying the beautiful garden of Shisendo temple, Kyoto
4 to 5 hours

Secluded zen gardens of Shisendo & Enkoji

Beautiful zen temple gardens, quaint neighbourhoods and hidden forest shrines

Heian Jingu shrine in Kyoto, Japan in late afternoon
7 - 8 hours

Backstreets of Higashiyama

World heritage temples, stunning gardens, rich local culture and old cobbled streets

Photo from summit of Mt Hiei in Kyoto looking north with Lake Biwa in distance
6 hours

Mt Hiei & Enryakuji monastery - gourmet hiking tour

Mountain top monasteries, Buddhist temple cuisine, fascinating history and beautiful forest trails

6 Hours

Kibune & Kurama – Kyoto’s mountain retreat

Mystic mountain temples, forest hikes, riverside dining and hot springs

4 hours

Fushimi Inari shrine & Southern Kyoto

Vermilion gates, tasty street food and zen temple architecture

Kinkakuji Golden Pavilion Kyoto picture with lake reflection and green pine trees
4 - 5 Hours

Kinkakuji, Ryoanji and Northern Kyoto

The Golden Pavilion, Kyoto's finest rock garden and delicious mochi sweets

Arashiyama Kyoto traditional wooden boat on Katsura river in autumn photo
7 - 8 Hours

Hidden charms of Arashiyama

Moon viewing bridges, bamboo forests, secret temples and river walks

Shinnyodo temple near Philosophers Path sunset photo with red autumn leaves
4 hours

Ginkakuji and Northern Higashiyama

Philosopher's paths, the Silver Pavilion and hidden pagodas

Photo of Nishiki Market, Kyoto showing dried fish and pickles on display
2 hours

Kyoto by night – Nishiki Market & Gion

Kyoto's kitchen, ancient entertainment districts and the world of geisha

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